Omar Vera ’17

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Weekend Crew: B
Dormitory: Upper School 3 West
Favorite Hobby(ies): Video Games, Netflix
Favorite Weekend Activity: Open Swim
Favorite Quote:
Life get hard, you eat your soul
It clears your mind, learn to fly
Then reach the stars, you take your time
To look behind and say, “look where I came”
“Look how far I done came”
– J. Cole Intro, Forest Hills Drive
Favorite Movie: Selma
Favorite Grille Sandwich: Breakfast Sandwich
Favorite Pop Singer: Kanye West
Favorite thing to do on a Headmaster’s Holiday: Watch Netflix all day
Favorite Hill tradition:L’ville Weekend
One interesting fact about you: I’ve roomed with Ulas Cini for 2 years

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