2016 J-Ball Rules and Guidelines

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J-BALL 2016

Rules and Guidelines

  1. A team is allowed a maximum of 10 players in the field at one time, and must have at least 8 to be eligible to play. A team should have no more than 15 players on their roster.
  2. Games begin at 7:15 pm and end PROMPTLY at 8:00 pm. There is no excuse for running past 8:00 pm, so if an inning is not complete at 8:00 pm (top and bottom half), you revert back to the score at the end of the last complete inning. No inning may start that will not be completed prior to 8:00pm.
  3. Each team is allowed one glove.
    1. If a ball is caught by any other means other than hands or the one glove (shirts or hats) it is not an out and play continues.
  1. There are 2 outs per each half inning.
  2. Cleats are not allowed on the fields.
  3. In addition to a normal force out at any given base, a runner may be tagged with the ball, or the ball thrown at the runner. The runner is out if they are hit with the ball, as long as the contact is BELOW the head.
  4. If a batted ball hits the pitcher on the fly, the batter is out. If it hits the pitcher off a bounce it is a live ball.
  5. The ball must go past the pitcher, or else it is a foul ball.
  6. Runners are allowed only one additional base on an overthrow.
  7. Players may rotate through the field, but all players present must bat in order.
    1. The penalty for batting out of order in an automatic out.
  8. Good sportsmanship should be observed at all times.
  9. It is the responsibility of the team with the home team (designated on the schedule) to pick-up and return the bases for the field they are playing on that evening. If game materials are not returned, the team captain will receive a demerit.
    1. The bases will be located in a box outside of the Student Activities office.
    2. The bases should be placed 60 feet apart (20 strides).
    3. The pitchers mound should be 10 strides from home plate.
  10. Pitches should rise above the shoulders.
  11. On the Quad Fields:
    1. Balls bouncing off the façade of the buildings may be caught for an out.
    2. Balls bouncing on flat surfaces are played as live balls.
  12. Balls that enter and stay in bushes are ground rule doubles.
  13. Balls that roll through the bushes are live balls.
  14. The winning team is responsible for reporting the scores to the J-Ball Commissioners via email the same night of the game.
  15. Playoff teams and format will be announced at the competition of the regular season.

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